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Steve Mack’s illustrations are simply delightful.  He loves to illustrate for children’s books and greeting cards- how much more endearing can you get?  What’s best is that he is extremely talented, so his work appeals to everyone on many different levels.  Steve lives in Canada with his lovely family, and loves to fish.  Another huge plus in our book.  Here is what he had to say about some of his work:

Who’s Smart Owl 

This owl was an experiment in texture and super bold primary color. When I illustrate I keep in mind scale, color, texture and composition. The images I like the best are deceptively simple. I reduce, add, shift and scale. My illustration process has almost become more like sculpting the total image I want rather than drawing it directly one time. That’s the power of digital illustration software! It’s tough to tell when to stop but if I get close to a balance I like in an image it will feel finished to me.

Dog Pirates Image

This illustration is for my most popular kids greeting card. This was commissioned for American Greetings and I did it about 5 years ago now but I can still walk into just about any place that has American Greetings Cards and find it in their juvenile birthday section. I am still pleased with how it turned out and happy that it has been so popular for a number of years.

Whale in the Storm

I am currently developing a new children’s book around this image. I try to tell little stories in my illustration and this one has prompted me to write a whole book around it.

Visit Steve’s Site: http://illustrationfarm.com/