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Øivind Hovland is a special kind of illustrator- he’s the kind that can take the everyday, mundane image, no matter how big or how small, and turn it into something that makes you turn your thinking cap on and stretch your brain in new ways.  His images are like brain candy to me, and to thousands of others who can’t get enough of them-  just ask his long list of clients, which include Esquire Magazine, Radio Times and the BBC.  Øivind is also the author of two illustrated books published by Tabella.  We LOVE his style!  Here is what he had to say about his work: 

Even if you only have one small image at your disposal, a story can still be told. And that, in a nutshell is my aim, to tell a story using whatever means I have’.

Anabolic steroids

Editorial illustration for Bergens Tidende, a Norwegian newspaper.
The idea being a strong-man balancing a tightrope doomed to fall. Dark rain clouds and the weight he’s carrying will eventually hurl him into the abyss which is drugs abuse. A dark subject aside, I still tried to put a bit of humour in there.

Odd crowd 
This was really just for fun. Me trying to cram a bunch of odd characters into the image, playing around with hair dos, facial hair and crimes against fashion. Sometimes I have to tone down the intensity of characters in my illustrations, but since this was my own project I decided to go all the way, well most of the way with the different characters depicted. A harmless piece that makes me smile.
Skeletons in the closet 
Editorial illustration for Sykepleien, a Norwegian nursing magazine. Some dodgy dealings went on in Norway regarding waiting lists in hospitals.  Internal investigation committees was assigned by each hospital to check if anything untoward had taken place, needless to say they were all cleared of any wrongdoings…..
The zine writer 
A back page profile illustration for Broken pencil, a Canadian art magazine. A profile image on the life an times (so far) of Canadian writer and artist Harley R Pageot. Challenge was to include as much info about the artist without cluttering it too much. A particularly fun commission!
Tv brought me up 
Full page editorial illustration for Zoot, a Portuguese fashion magazine. Brief was to depict a day in the life of one of the magazine’s writers. This person being a very interesting yet dark and chaotic individual, it proved to be (design-wise) a hard nut to crack – but I got there in the end. Hugely entertaining brief.
The phone call 
Brand new illustration. Ones in a while I do a self initiated illustration like this one, pushing my style in a direction I’d like ‘all’ my commissioned work to go – if that makes any sense.