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Let’s talk about Anna Raff: gorgeous watercolor illustrations that capture the essence of society and history with an air of humor and the slightest bit of satire, which makes her work ideal for kids, and incredibly, wonderfully thought-provoking and delightful for adults.  Based in NYC, she was recognized in 2010 by CMYK Magazine as one of the “Top 100 New Creatives.”  Her work has appeared everywhere from the Washington Post to “Extreme Home Makeover” to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  What we truly love about Anna, aside from the fact that her work is stupendous, is that she is incredibly politically and socially conscious.  Here is what she has to say about some of her work:

This is an image I made for day 163 of my year-long bird illustration blog, ornithoblogical, called “Tastes Like Chicken.” It’s my response to the tragic oil spill in the Gulf. 

This guy, also from ornithoblogical, appeared on day 177, in June when there was all that hubbub about General McChrystal in Afghanistan.

Here’s someone who doesn’t need much of an introduction. I did this one for myself.
This is a piece I did for Time Out New York about waiting in line.
Visit Anna’s site: www.annaraff.com