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Marc Rosenthal is an illustrator with a palate for just about any topic, and if you like what you see here, you need to visit his site immediately.  His work has a creative depth to it that makes his cartoons jump off the page because they’re so intuitively brilliant.  To see where this genius springs from, take a look at his personal work.  Here is what Marc had to say about the below pieces:


This was for an article about self-deception. He has his “happy glasses” on and a kit of deception tools.

Gay Marriage
This piece was commissioned  by the New Yorker, but never used. This was when it looked like the issue of gay marriage might be decided by the supreme court.
The Fix
Corporations cooking the books

Employees not contributing ti 401k plans because they might die before they can cash in.
 Archie and the Pirates
Watercolor spread from my book.