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Michael Mullan’s illustrations have a hand-made appeal along with digital graphics that make his work unique, uplifting and downright captivating.  Michael draws on his love of nature, 50’s and 60’s pop culture and his suburban upbringing in Chicago in his work, all of which seem to make it approachable and extremely fun.  Here is what he had to say about his work:
This one is a personal piece I did as a self-promotional mailer.  I love the lyrics to Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds so I decided to illustrate it.  This drawing got accepted into 3×3 Pro Show 
I learned how to homebrew this winter and I thought Sunshine Brewery would be a great name for my brand. I made labels and six-pack holder to go along with it which was really fun. The beer is amazing too 🙂
This illustration appeared in Christianity Today Magazine as a full spread. It illustrates the concept of God’s connection and love for the Earth.
Aside from freelancing I work as a staff artist for Wild Apple Graphics (www.wildapple.com). Here I create artwork for home wall decor prints and licensed products. This is part of a New York series involving simple icon and hand typography.
This was another personal piece I created this past week for some good friends who are getting married.