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Fernando Alves is a POWERHOUSE illustrator from Brazil whose work can just knock your socks off.  He is a penciler and illustrator with over 12 years of experience doing work for large companies.  As a graphic novel fan, I’m particularly drawn to his ability to create an entire world upon first glance.  Each piece seems to tell a whole story that resonates immediately on an emotional, visceral level.  I’m a huge fan.  Here is what he has to say about his work:


This is an illustration from the online magazine “IDEIA FIXA.”  The theme of the 17th edition was called “Underground. ” I made two suggestions to GOTHIC and PUNK belonging to this urban tribe with different styles and visuals.

The Pilot

This illustration was made for an energy called “Night Power,” were four characters created, “THE DIRECTOR”, “THE SKATER”, “THE DEEJAY” and “THE PILOT.”   A series of illustrations I did for this concept that can be viewed on my website.

International Day of Rock
This was a personal work for a friend who has the same birthday as me.  We commemorate the rock world; he is a fan of these four masters of rock singers: OZZY, STEVEN, KISS AND SLASH, which I printed a T-shirt and gave as a gift.   He really liked it. 😀



The DJ


This is an illustration of a dj for the series of posters for energy NIGHT POWER which can be viewed on my website.  
This concept follows a line with some Frank Miller with touches of red and yellow, the same color as the logo of energy “Night Power.”  




Follow Fernando on Twitter: @ferdysmart