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Rory Kurtz’s work is so rich and alive that you begin to wish you were part of the seductive, alluring world he seems to have created.   His work expresses a level of sophistication that is reminiscent of the Renaissance masters with a playful edge that makes it as impressive as it is enticing.  He is entirely self-taught and draws on influences from literature, fashion, art, film and music.  Here is what he has to say about his work:

Most recently, much of my work has been illustration for assignment.  The challenge, naturally, is to produce work that meets the needs ofthe publication/client, while finding some thread of personal investment or vision to give the piece its spirit.

You have to put a little of yourself into them or they’re dead on the page.  For me, that spirit can be anything; a figure’s expression, a mix of materials, a subtle mood, etc.  

The piece “Hide&Seek” for Migrate Magazine’s “BIG” themed issue, was just an image that had been playing in my head for a while of this lonely little boy playing child’s games with a giant robot companion.  I’m really happy with the way it turned out, and how it is both charming and a little sad at the same time.  It was that happy union between Migrate’s needs and my own inner dialogue that made it a piece I could be proud of. 


Likewise, there’s a cover in this update for New Bicycle Times that gave me the opportunity to illustrate yet another Electra bike, which I’m really partial to painting for all their chrome and vintage aesthetic. 

I’ll be putting out more personal work in the near future.  But in the end I think these illustrations share an equal amount of personal investment, albeit in different directions.

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