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Fintan Taite is an illustrator from Dublin who creates work for everything from editorial pieces to advertising to comic books and cartoons.  His work has a light, airy, other-worldly quality to it that lifts my heart!  It’s also quite smart, as you can see in the below examples.  We love Fintan’s work!  Here is what he has to say about it:I’ve been a freelance illustrator for the past 7 years and I love to draw.  The main aim of my work is to entertain.  If i can make someone smile then I feel I’ve done a good job! I enjoy working on everything from editorial jobs to comics and book illustration.

Wine label

This little comic strip was commissioned by Niepoort  Wines in Portugal to appear on a wine label.  The Irish edition of the wine is called Sásta and in English this roughly translates as ‘satisfied, pleased or contented’.  The same wine is sold in different countries under different names, each with an individual label designed by a nationally know artist.

American Oil

This full page illustration accompanied a magazine article on the looming energy shortage and America’s lack of investment in green energy. If you would like to see the working process that went into producing this illustration there’s a step by step feature at this link.

Irish Hospice
I was recently asked to take part in a project in aid of a very worthwhile cause, The Irish Hospice Foundation.  They are publishing a Thank You Journal in November and here’s my contribution to the project. If anyone would like to know more about this project please visit my blog.

Dicken’s Debt
 This recent illustration was for an article about Ireland’s outdated debt laws..I had a lot of
fun drawing the costumes and characters on this one!

Pood comic strip
pood published by Blurred books in New York is a 16-page comics section in full color as well as black and white printed on newsprint, with a page size of 17″ x 23″!   That just may make it the biggest comics package on Earth!  My contribution originally started life as a six page strip but I reformatted it to fit the huge layout.  The story was based on an incident from my childhood growing up in Dublin.  You can see the original strip in the comics section of my website.Visit Fintan’s site