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Roberta Murray is the kind of photographer who gives new meaning to using the camera as a paintbrush to create her art.  She spent 14 years working with textiles, which allowed her to refine the use of texture and color in her photography, bringing her to work her camera more as a Pictorialist photographer.   She creates the most dreamlike, expressive images of animals, nature and the world.  Roberta is extremely conscious of the disaster on the Gulf Coast and is using her art as a way to both illustrate the gravity of the damage that has occurred for the wildlife there as well as raising funds through the sales of various prints to help support the relief effort.
Below are some photographs she has created in lieu of the Gulf Coast tragedy.  The first one listed, “Victim,” can be purchased through her site.  Any interest in the others can be purchased as well by contacting Roberta.  Here is what she had to say about the Gulf Coast disaster:
“I was just watching a bit of news on the Gulf Coast oil disaster last night and I wonder if people really fully understand the consequences this is going to have across the country in the years to come. I think the severity is being downplayed.  In another month many of our nesting birds will be starting their migrations back to southern locations. There is a large number, including the American White Pelican, that will be returning to contaminated wintering grounds and poisoned food sources.”

Body Tag

Paradise Lost

Be A Good Steward