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Steve Simpson is another fascinating, inventive illustrator we met through Illustration Mundo.  His work is fun, smart, extremely detailed.  Steve clearly draws from a number of world influences in a most unique and enticing way.  He has won numerous awards for his work, including the Association of Illustrators UK, Society of Illustrators, Applied Arts Canada and 3×3 Magazine, to name a few.  Here is what Steve has to say about his work:

I’ve been a full time illustrator for about the last 15 years. After studying technical illustration I spent a few years working in animation on children’s TV shows. I think both of these experiences have had an effect on my work. I spread my time between advertising/design and children’s books.

This is part of a spread I did to help celebrate a client’s 15th year in business. The full piece is a triple page wrap around spread. I went back to using a dip pen for this one, then finished it in photoshop.

This A2 piece was commissioned by Absolut Vodka for a 16 artist exhibition entitled “Absolut Art”. It’s a mix of acrylics and pen and ink. There are also cutout elements. Most of my work has a digital factor so it was nice to do a physical piece for a change. It’s now part of the Absolut archive made famous by Andy Warhol’s 1985 piece. Since then hundreds of artists have contributed their talents to the Absolut campaign, including names such as Nam June Paik, Louise Bougeois, Damian Hirst, Maurizio Cattelan, Rosemarie Trockel to name but a few.

I’ve recently finished this guy for a chilli sauce bottle called Inferno. It’s heavily influenced by Mexican folk art and was great fun to work on. Rather than just suppling the illustrations for the piece I got to design the label also.

As the barcode can stand out like a sore thumb I was able to make the individual bars into bones with skulls on top.

This is another project I’ve just finished. It’s a children’s book about a little monkey who’s having trouble sleeping. I have more images from this book on my portfolio site http://www.stevesimpson.com/projects/lulu/

More birds and a monkey. The poster was given away at a talk I gave in Dublin last year. It was created digitally.


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