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Adrià Fruitós was born in Barcelona, Spain and grew up with a group of silkscreen artisans.  He has studied in Spain, France and Belgium, and currently does work for publishers, magazines and ad agencies around the world.  He has also designed T-Shirts (yay!), skateboards, murals and exhibited his work in in many different countries.


I work often with a Colombian magazine called El Malpensante, which means something like “The Evil-Minded. ”  The articles of this magazine are quite indicative of today’s problems and that interests me because there is much to say.  For example, this picture accompanies a text which denounces the fast-food policy of the United States.  A theme I find quite alarming.


This illustration I generally like and has an impact on people because it’s aggressive.  Usually the animals are mistreated. In this image I wanted to turn it around, it is a way to move to the side of animals to say STOP !


This image part of the same principle as above (Bear attack image) but perhaps more symbolic.


These two pictures were  created for a book entitled ELEMENTS, presented in the urban art fair STROKE. 02 in Munich, Germany.  The book presents the elements: fire, water, air and earth illustrated by various artists.  I illustrated the fire and water as a disaster, a major fire and uncontrollable flood.  Men can not control everything, this is my message.  We see in these pictures a tribute to the great artist Hokusai.

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