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After following the National Conference on Volunteering and Service via social media for the last three days, I’m moved not only by how effective and productive the speakers were, but how easily I was able to participate without physically being there.  Twitter made it possible for me to get updates all day from conference participants, Four Square allowed me to meet up with founders of charities and business owners I hadn’t met before, and the NCVS website allowed me to watch some key conferences online.

To say that social media is the key to the future is not an understatement by any means.  I believe we can utilize it to reach farther than we thought we could to accomplish what we believe in.

The best conference I viewed online is the “Here’s To YOU” Inspiration Event.  You can view it online by going to the NCVS homepage and clicking on the title.  If you want to sit back for an hour or two and get a great reminder of what it means to give back and feel great about the resources we have to give, watch this.

Thank you, NCVS, for making this conference so accessible, so moving and so enlightening.