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Lucy McCririck is an Edinburgh-based illustrator who has just finished her studies at Edinburgh College of Art.  Her illustrations are wonderfully beautiful pieces of magic inspired by Scotland’s farming and rural land and Edinburgh’s architecture.  She has been working on a “Plant and Grow” project, commissioned by the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society, and her work can also be found in “Green Fingers and Muddy Boots,” a children’s gardening guide published by Floris Books.

Fox and Hens

This is a page from the Children’s Book I’m about halfway through finishing at the moment. It’s a collection of Scottish Nursery Rhymes that I’ve written, this one about a group of gossiping hens who get munched by a fox. There’s a lot of talk about improving Scottish language accessibility here in Scotland, whether that actually translates into publishers willing to take on books with a very small target audience remains to be seen.
Green Fish and Salmon
Drawing fish is entirely self indulgent. They aren’t for a specific project, I just enjoy painting them. I live next to a world-famous salmon fishing river, so perhaps that’s where the inspiration comes from.
Pirate Boat
Since I graduated last year I’ve found that a lot of the work I’ve been getting comes from a local level, specifically through word of mouth. This drawing was for an 80th birthday party invitation.  I’ve done a few invitation commissions, the advantage being that I can print them myself with whatever message the client wants typed up inside.
Letter Story
This is one of my older pieces from college. I wrote a little poem about the postal system imagining an underground world peopled with strange creatures where the post was sorted out before being returned to the surface.

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