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Women News Network is dedicated to bringing the highest quality journalism about and for women that is not prevalent in mainstream news.  Here is a niche where women journalists can have their voices heard by a community dedicated to working together to discuss, problem-solve and advocate for women’s issues around the globe.  The quality of the features on the site are of the highest, and the stories are riveting.

Lys Anzia, founder and editor at large, clearly had a goal in mind, and has seen her mission through.  The staff consists of journalists from around the world who focus on humanitarian work, and they are not limited to women.  This incredible mix of voices is undoubtedly a way to change the face of journalism and bring forth voices that would otherwise go unheard.

I am inspired and motivated by this kind of work.  This is the kind of model I see Love+Water designs following in terms of changing people’s perspectives about charities and social responsibility.  Check them out.

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