If there ever was a place for artists to share their work on the web and gain exposure while networking with other artists, it is Total Art Soul.  Artists of all genres can go here to house their work, participate in forum discussions with other artists, blog, Tweet and share their work.  Active members get featured on the main blog, and random members are featured on the front page.

The best part of Total Art Soul is the fact that there is no pressure to advertise your art.  It simply provides a platform of support for artists in order to encourage the creative process and facilitate ways for artists to share their work with others- the best way to naturally gain more visibility.  Entirely community-driven, Total Art Soul reaches talented, creative people and gives them a platform to thrive even more.  And the work on the site is GORGEOUS!!!  It is well worth a visit to feast your eyes on some art that will knock your socks off.

Love+Water designs supports and thanks Total Art Soul for providing such a cool place for the artistic community to thrive.  Spend a moment today looking at some of the art on the site- it’s like taking time to smell the roses of creativity.

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