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Scott Belsky, author of Making Ideas Happen, if also the founder of behance.net, the network of creative people who want to see their ideas evolve from living in their minds to living in the world.  Scott and his team have created a network that offers multiple tools and practices that take artists and business starters step by step through making their projects come to life.

behance.net is the simplest reminder of how break a project down into bite-sized pieces to avoid getting overwhelmed and stay on track with your vision.  It sounds too simple to work, but the secret is that it’s the most powerful tool to make your work come to life.  And it doesn’t matter what kind of project you have- any idea can be seen through by using these tools.

Imagine if everyone spent just ten minutes a day working on a project they’re passionate about.  Imagine if they implemented the tools behance.net offers to organize those ten minutes a day to achieve maximum efficiency.  The world would most likely turn upside down with new creative, innovative work.

With behance.net, it’s already on its way…

We love behance.net!

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