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Craig Newmark has the answer for many problems that could potentially surround being the leader of a big company: stay human.  He defines his role in the company as customer service rep, focusing on listening to what the Craigslist audience has to say, and finding ways to ward off spammers and scammers.  When I say he listens to his audience, I mean he really listens.  Craig talks to his people, often responding to various questions or complements or complaints immediately via Twitter.

I honestly didn’t know how he found the time in one day to have discussions with so many people, but then I realized how much he must enjoy this interaction.  Not only must he enjoy it, but it seems like it’s part of his mission: to keep things real.  To not forget that the human element is what made Craigslist an enormous success in the first place, and to stay close to that aspect of the business.  This is what is most exciting about Craig to me- he stays true to what works, and doesn’t make it any more complicated than that.  This sets a HUGE precedence for peeps like me who believe in starting a business that works to connect us all in the most simple ways.  And I suspect he’s having fun too.

Thanks Craig!

Follow Craig on Twitter: @craignewmark