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Ideas are popping all the time!  (At least they are in my mind.)  The best ideas often come and go, especially if they continue to swim around my head and never make it to their own rightful place in the world.  A close friend and wonderful coach, Janice Hoffman, once told me that ideas that are worth living deserve to be heard and then placed into their own buckets in which to grow.  I found this image so profound, as I immediately pictured my lovely ideas growing out of colorful these buckets into HUGE forces of good in the world.

I began to take note of other ideas that were growing from their own buckets into amazing things, particularly in social media.  The first one to catch my eye was Social Vibe, an online community in that allows people to complete branded activities on their social networks and earn charity donations for the cause of their choice as a result.

So basically, you choose a cause, like Stand Up 2 Cancer.  Then you choose a brand, like Colgate.  Then you complete simple, measurable activities that the brand supports, share them on your social networks, and the brand donates money to your charity based on the activities you complete.  You can even get your friends involved and the brand will donate for their activities as well.

A great idea, put into a bucket, carefully tended to, has the ability to grow and grow and grow.  Social Vibe helped raise over $700,000.00 in its first year for charities.  Inspiration at its best.  That made me believe that I could do the same with Love+Water designs, and I am EXCITED about what lies ahead as a result.

What’s your idea?  Care to share it?  We’d LOVE to hear about it!  Let’s get these ideas out and planted!