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Ever hear of Cause Media Group?  They are the quintessential example of creating a company that does nothing but good.  Simply put, Cause Media helps other companies like EBay, Frigidaire, Toyota, and Kraft raise awareness and money for the causes they support.  Cause Media also manages sites like Name Your Cause, Charity Smackdown and WhatGives!?, all of which help reach consumers about ongoing charity campaigns.  They’ve also created an online toolbox that lowers the barrier to entry for online giving.  So in other words, Cause Media’s purpose is to creatively invent ways to make giving to charities easy, fun and effortless.

Knowing about Cause Media makes us say, “Yes!  This is what we want to create!  Let us wake up everyday knowing the work we do is contributing to change for the greater good, one little step at a time!”  So we thought you should know about Cause Media too.

Every Drop Counts.