In the words of Seth Godin, “the only reason to launch a project is to change something.”  We here at Love+Water designs couldn’t agree more.  In his incredibly insightful, amazingly concise, fun-to-read blog, Seth recently posted his version of the modern business plan, which includes the Truth about what you plan to do and Assertions about how you’re going to do it.  So, in the name of the brilliance of Seth, here are our Truth and Assertions:

Love+Water designs intends to create a social networking platform for creative people to interact with, raise awareness and money for charities with respectable causes.  We intend to help foster these relationships by having our community create T-Shirts that they both design and choose to buy.  We, in turn, will print said shirts and donate a portion of the profits from each shirt to the charity of your choice.  You choose said charity when you purchase your shirt.

When you create a profile on our site you can upload designs.  When you upload designs, the community can vote on them.  When the votes are tallied a winner is chosen.  When the winner is chosen, the design gets printed on a T-Shirt.  When the design gets printed on a T-Shirt, people can purchase them.  When people purchase them they choose a charity to donate to. Thus, the following equations:

profile+design+votes= T-Shirt
T-Shirt+purchase= Money to Charities

Would Seth consider that a clear Assertion?  We hope so.  If not, here’s another way to say it:

Love+Water designs= Wearable Philanthropy

Every Drop Counts