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We want to share with you some of our ideas, you wonderful artistic people, for our upcoming design competitions, so that you all realize that you don’t just have to be a graphic artist to participate!  We will of course have our regular design competitions, but there are a couple of sub-categories we are looking forward to implementing:

We want to have a photography category for T-Shirts, which will include regular photographs and those awesome, fun manipulated methods you amazing photographers each use in such unique ways to create works of art that blow us, and the rest of the world, away.

Oh yes, writers, poets and those of you who have something to say- stay tuned for our wordage competitions, that will challenge you to come up with words of charitable inspiration for T-Shirts.  We cannot wait for this one, because we know the caliber of your minds and want to share your incredible wisdom with the world.

More to come…!