Hello Everybody!

As you’ve seen, we have an incredible new logo, which we’ve already announced and have received amazing feedback on.  We’re so excited to have received so many positive responses about it, as we LOVE it as well.

Our website is fully underway also, with our designers working hard right now to complete it in all its amazing functionality.  We plan to have it up and running in just a few weeks.

With that in mind, DESIGNERS can start thinking about what designs to sunmit for the first contest!  We will begin giving more frequent updates as we draw nearer to the time when design submissions can begin, but it’s a good idea to start thinking about it now since it’s just around the corner…

We also appreciate all of your tweets and Facebook Fan Page comments, as we LOVE spreading the word as much as possible about our upcoming site!  We love all of you who continue to do that.  Please know we are in deep gratitude, and will continue to do the same for you to the best of our abilities.