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Kate Loving Shenk is a registered nurse, holistic healer, Blog Talk Radio host and all-around wonderful person.  And she happens to be opening a healing retreat center this summer in Lancaster, PA!

Love and Water- Can you talk about the spiritual retreat center you will be opening?

Kate Loving Shenk- It’s kind of exciting this year because we’re going to be opening a spiritual retreat center where I live in August called the Blue Heron Barn Retreat.  I work full time as a nurse, and my husband is a teacher and does home improvement work, so he is working to refurbish a barn we have in our backyard where the retreat center will be.  We will have meditation, massage and healing work at the center.  We’re in a beautiful nature spot in Lancaster County, PA, so it’s an ideal setting for the center.  I was raised in a spiritual environment, so spirituality to me is like breathing.  It’s a part of who I am, and I’m looking forward to be able to provide an outlet where others can share in healing and spiritual practices.

L&W- Your blog is also very inspirational- can you talk about how you came up with the concept for it?

KLS- I’ve been doing a lot of writing, particularly in a blog format, for the last four years.  It’s called the Prayer Blog, and everyday I write a prayer that comes to me in a very non-denominational sense.  I’m inspired to share with people everyday, and the blog format is perfect for that.  I’ve got a decent following at this point, which is great to know that people are receptive to what I’m putting out there.  It’s about animals, nature and healing, very wide-ranging.  I want to put forth some energy to get it published eventually.

L&W- I understand that you have a special guest coming to the retreat center when it opens.

KLS- The physician Leonard Laskow wrote the Book “Healing With Love,” and he will be coming to talk at the retreat center in August.  He is a world-renowned teacher.  I heard of him when my husband had a heart attack in 1992, and we became friends from there.  He teaches a certification course on healing with love.  We will be opening the retreat center then, and I will be teaching a type of massage called the Neural Mechano massage.  The people I’ve practiced it on also call it “Mechano Magic” because it’s so powerfully healing.   Our homeopathic physician taught this type of massage to us, and I feel like if I don’t teach this form of massage, it could die with us.  I really want to make an effort to get that out.  We will also be offering Continuing Education Credits for nurses at the retreat, especially when Leonard Laskow is there.

L&W- What is the most moving experience you’ve had so far with the Neural Mechano, “Mechano Magic” massage?

KLS- I give it to my patients at the hospital, especially to patients who have chronic pain, because it works to calm people down and help them get centered.  One of the most amazing experiences I’ve had with that is when I had a friend who was dying of diabetes.  He was needing an amputation of his leg, but he couldn’t get it until his blood sugars were balanced.  After the first time I worked on him, his blood sugars stabilized.  He was able to have the surgery, and lived another eight years as a result.  It was a very startling and amazing experience.  The massage is so powerful that it can only last for 20 minutes at a time.  It is often given in a series of treatments, but in my friend’s case, his blood sugars stabilized after the first 20 minute treatment.  So it’s incredibly powerful, and a wonderful form of healing naturally.

L&W- Can people from outside of Pennsylvania attend the retreat center?

KLS- Yes!  We are looking to have around 20 people for when Leonard Laskow is there, and we are looking into hotels right now.  We will have that posted on our site.

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