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Kim Smith is one of the brightest, enthusiastic, intelligent, genuinely loving people I’ve ever met!  So thankfully she has dedicated her life’s work to spreading this goodness around as much as she can for others to enjoy!  Between her blog, her Blog Talk Radio show, “Life With A Twist,” and her new book in the works, there is plenty of Kim to go around for everyone to experience!  And believe me when I say you sincerely don’t want to miss her…

Love and Water- Kim, your work is so uplifting and makes so many people feel good about themselves and their lives (me included!).  Can you talk about how started doing your show on Blog Talk Radio?

Kim Smith- All the things I do are connected to me wanting to connect to the everyday person and how they want to live a full life.  The show, “Life With A Twist,” and the whole Twist radio project that I’m developing all connects to that.  The idea of me having a voice on the radio and on the internet in general started about two years ago.  I’ve always had a very close relationship with my cousin, and since we were very young we’ve always talked or communicated with each other everyday and have always inspired each other so much.  At that time I said to her that I wanted the two of us to do a show together.  She thought it was a great idea, but we were both moving and life got hectic.  We finally formed a show called “Conversations With Mo.”  The few people who were listening were really interested in what we were talking about, and we were on a roll for a while.  But then, as life continues to happen, she ended up having twins, and got extremely busy with raising her family.  We discussed that it was too much for her to continue on at the time.  I decided to wait until I was inspired by another idea for a show to carry on.  I stopped doing that show, and happened to find Blog Talk Radio.  I started listening to various shows they had, and was so impressed by the quality and the topics.  Around December, “Life With A Twist” came to me one day while I was sitting still.  I realized I wanted to do a show about people who are doing something extra in their lives that have special meaning to them and are passionate about creating the lives they want.  I now have a new co-host, Julian Green, who is the founder of JG Events, an events designer and mixologist, and am really happy with the direction the show is going.

L&W- Can you talk about the structure of the show?

KS- Yes- it’s basically an online Variety show whose main goal is to help everyday people take their everyday lives and turn them into something meaningful for them.  So we talk to people who have actually acted upon their ideas, and have had success with them- not necessarily success monetarily, although that often is the case, but success in that they are fulfilled by what they’ve chosen to do.  We keep the show light and fun, with a cocktail segment every week and new drink recipe, courtesy of Julian, and highly promote our guests and supporters.  We take the time to shout them out and give them as much support as we can.  We call it our “totally shameless” segment of the show.  We hope for it to continue to be entertaining and inspiring, and we go live every Sunday at 4pm EST.

L&W- I know you are also writing a book.  Can you talk about that as well?

KS- The book is called “Sipping Wine With The Buddha.”

L&W- I love that title!

KS- I’m putting it out there now that I won’t allow any publisher to ask me to change that title!  The subtitle is “Nine Ways To Connect With Your Spirit Through Joy And Pleasure,”  and that is exactly what the book is about.  It is designed to be a “nightstand book.”  Each segment of the book has different ways to connect with your divine, or higher self, by teaching you how to be conscious inside each moment of being human.  For example, there is one segment called “Showering Meditation,” which teaches you how to focus while in the shower on being grateful for the sheer pleasure of taking a shower, having the hot water cleanse you and enjoying the whole experience.  And then to take a moment while there to simply stop and ask yourself if there is anything your spirit needs right then.  It teaches us to take those moments to pause and check in with yourself.  Once you get out of the shower, you will continue on with your day and all the meetings you have, and taking that one moment for yourself can truly change your whole day for the better.

L&W- I love that way of being- it really sums up your whole approach to life, it seems to me.

KS- I believe that any project that we do that is genuine, that is truly part of who we are, almost always results in a project that is well received.  A few years ago I went through a divorce, and although it was amicable it was definitely a tough time.  My cousin would call to check up on me to make sure I was doing alright, and one night shortly after we announced our separation she called and asked where I was and I said, “I’m in Atlantic City at a Hennessy party, and I’m having a great time!”  She paused and said, “You are the only person I know who could be going through a fresh separation and still find it in herself to go out and have a good time, in spite of all you’re going through.”  And that’s who I am- I believe in carrying on with life, by accepting how I’m feeling and not letting it stop me but rather incorporate it into what I’m doing.  I felt that the decision to separate from my husband had already been made, so there is no point in me sitting at home and worrying about it.  I needed to mourn the loss, of course, but the best way for me to do that, I felt, was to simply carry on with my life and let that inform the process I needed to go through.  So all I knew was that Hennessy was having a party, and I was invited and I needed to keep my commitment.  I think that story pretty much sums up who I am.

L&W- What is the most moving moment you’ve had so far doing “Life With A Twist?”

KS- I would say it was having Mary McManus on as a guest.  She is apublished poet, and polio and post-polio survivor.  This is something I knew nothing about, especially post-polio syndrome.  She just epitomized to me the theme of taking what challenges life has handed her and turned them into beautiful art that she shares with the whole world.  Her books of poetry and the individual poems she writes for people have inspired so many.  My goal is to motivate people to stop complaining about the everyday challenges life has to offer us by remembering what we do have.  Mary not only has the everyday challenges that we all have, but she battles everyday with the physical issues the polio has left her with, and she makes it all work to her benefit.  She made me stop and look at life from a differnet perspective- I realized that in my life I have everything I need, and there are really no excuses.  The episode we did with Mary is one of the most popular shows we’ve ever done, and there is a reason for that.  It is definitely my most moving moment I’ve had so far.

L&W- That’s really so true, about Mary, and I have to say it’s true about you, Kim.  You have that same kind of inspiring, motivating energy that is aboslutely contagious!

KS- I like to do a lot of different things, but each individual project I take on has to do with focusing on motivating people to stop wasting time on what they think is lacking or missing in their lives, and to start looking at what they have.  Their creativity, their ideas, their resources.  Everyday when I wake up I say a prayer of thanks that I can think, that I can comprehend information and that I can process it.  Because there are people waking up every morning who can’t do that because of a physical or mental limitation.  There are so many things that we take for granted because we aren’t looking at as gifts.  Most of us have everything we need.  Every project I do is about creating a habit of focusing on what we have so we can allow those gifts to expand.  And I have fun with every project I do- my blog, “Breaking Dishes” is one of those projects that brings me joy and that I love doing, along with my home based business, my book and my show.  I think that’s the greatest gift we can give to ourselves- to be thankful for our gifts and put them to good use for ourselves, which automatically leads to inspiring others.

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