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Debra Roth is the founder of Pink Inc., which creates incredibly breathtaking tension fabric structures.  Used for events, interior design, halftime shows, and basically anything you can think of, Pink Inc. creates sculptures from fabric that go beyond any conventional ideas of design.  And they’re all BEAUTIFUL!!!

Love and Water- Your work is so stunning and unique.  How did you get started doing this kind of work?

Debra Roth- I do so much work in events, and there has been a lot of this kind of work over the last ten years.  But I came to it because I have a sculpture background, and ended up working with some fabrics for a project in school.  I studied fine arts and sculpture, and I took a class that required us to do a collaborative project where we had to use mediums we had never worked with before.  So we ended up beginning to work with fabrics, and used performance to stage a live manipulation of the fabrics.  From there people started asking us to do various shows, so we started building stage sets to put our work in, and it just evolved and grew from there.  The first ten years I was focused on the art world and theater, and wanted to stay in that genre.  But then we started to get picked up with festivals, that lead to us doing events and put us in a whole new industry, and we just went with it.  The next ten years were spent getting organized and really finding ways to explain clearly to people what we did, because people were just becoming familiar with it but it was still a new way to design events.  After that, we started to see more of it in various areas of event design and architecture, so people are more familiar with it now.

L&W- What do you think helps your work stand out among other similar styles?

DR- We really still have the creative edge because I think a lot of companies began to do this kind of work from a monetary perspective, because they knew it was an upcoming industry.  But we never looked at it that way; we always came from an art perspective.  I think that’s what makes us unique.  We’re always developing ideas and listening to our clients and trying out new things.  We’re really engaged with our clients and with our work, so we enjoy the process of creating a new piece from beginning to end.

L&W- Who are your clients?  Can you do the same work on a smaller scale as well?

DR- A lot of our clients are events producers, which includes corporate events and smaller events.  We work with a lot of production companies because the fabric works so well with lighting.  There are a lot of hotels we work with as well.  Exhibits have also played a part in what we do, which is always fun and interesting.  But now interior designers and architects are starting to discover how they can use these kinds of structures because they’re so light weight and easy for them to design with.  You can pretty much make any shape with the fabrics, so there are a ton of options available.  There are a few things you can’t do, but what you can do you can do really well with the fabric.  If you have to make a curved wall out of sheet rock, it can be really difficult, but to make a curved wall out of fabric is really easy.  These days people are remodeling every three to four years, which is also an advantage because you can remove fabric structures very easily.  We’re doing something for Google right now that I believe is going into the corporate office.  The fabric will have printing all over, which is an interesting twist.  It will be something that they can use for as long as they want, and can change it just as easily.

L&W- What is the most moving moment you’ve had in designing a piece?

DR- We did the halftime show for the Dallas Cowboys over Thanksgiving.  It was really cool because we took something that we already do and just enlarged it for them, and sent it to them to assemble.  They rigged them and did a great job.  I was watching the game and when halftime started they weren’t out there, and I thought oh no, it didn’t work.  But then they got them up in a flash, and it looked great.  It was really moving to see it on television, looking so good.  The sponsorship for the event was the Salvation Army and they wanted parts of it to look like flames, and they actually raised the flames during the show.  The whole thing was really cool to watch.

L&W- What do you enjoy most about your work?

DR- It has a lot of potential to keep going.  Some people in the event industry get tired of certain looks, but this look changes all the time.  Working with fabric is really cool and always evolving, which I really enjoy about this work.

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