So since the Love and Water blog began in late September we have worked to feature as many artists, creative people and charities as we could.  We’ve featured ten charities and 39 artists, and look forward to featuring more.

It looks like our official online social network will launch in March of 2010, just three months away.  That is when the t-shirt contests will begin.  You can create a profile for yourself and start uploading designs for voting.  Each week, the design with the most votes will get printed on a limited edition t-shirt, and a portion of the profits from each shirt will go to the charity of your choice when you purchase a shirt.  In addition to the weekly contests, we will have a monthly contest for a featured charity.  All month you can upload designs inspired by the featured charity and at the end of the month the community will choose the top four designs and the charity will choose the winner.  50% of all profits from that winning shirt will go to that charity.

That said, Love and Water International is actually about raising awareness and money for charities a little at a time.  By bringing together communities of artists and creative people, we can create products that can help us create change that matters.  T-shirts are the platform that can help us get started, but we are looking forward to the creation of other products as well.  Most importantly we want to create a platform where charities can communicate more directly with us about what they are doing and what they need so we can come up with creative ways to help them achieve their goals.

That is why you, the Love and Water community, are going to create ways to make that happen.  We’re not afraid to start small- in fact, we look forward to starting as small as we possibly can in order to establish relationships between communities and charities that matter.  We believe that every drop counts.  Your art matters.  Charities matter.  Together we can come together and talk about how we can move forward together.

Tell us your ideas now.  We want to know what you think of our plan so far.  You are the driving force of Love and Water, so we want you to tell us what you know!