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Sandra Payne is a social media expert and a webseries writer/director/producer with two hit webseries on the web right now.  She also teaches actors in LA how to utilize social media to help boost their careers.  AND she’s a wonderful person to boot!

Love and Water- Tell us about your website, http://www.pursedog.tv.

Sandra Payne- My primary mission right now is writing, directing and producing web series.  I have two web series right now- one is “Life with Kat and McKay.”  It’s in the style of a televison sitcom on http://www.koldcast.tv, and I’m excited about it!  I learned so much about producing while doing it, and realized how much I like to produce, especially work that I’m passionate about.  The second show is called “The Web.Files” and I’m a partner in that with Kristyn Burtt.  It’s a non-fiction interview talk show series, where we interview other web series makers about their web series.  That has been a blast.  The producing side of it is pretty significant, but we’re very ambitious and have been going with a weekly upload.  We’ve done a weekly episode since July 8, and have more to come.  So we’re on schedule!

L&W- How did you come up with the idea for “The Web.Files?”

SP- Kristyn is a red carpet entertainment reporter and while she was at the Streamy Awards interviewing some web series makers she realized there wasn’t really a place for them to talk about their work.  So she contacted me and we decided to do the show together.

L&W- Talk about is one great web series maker you’ve interviewed.

SP- Well we just interviewed Jeremy Redleaf who makes “Odd Jobs” on his website, www.oddjobnation.com.  He got all kinds of attention from CNN because he’s a website designer and when he put together his own website for the “Odd Jobs” web series, he realized he could post some real odd jobs on the site to make it original.  But what happened was the web series took a backseat to the actual odd jobs and all the people out of work looking for jobs.  So he’s gotten a lot of attention for it.  He’s the same guy who has a T-shirt company called Resume Shirts, where he puts people’s resumes on shirts.  And he has a success story from someone who wore their shirt to a party and got hired.  He’s a really great guy.  We’ve had so many, and they’re all great in different ways.  We’re working hard to monetize it right now, and working on getting sponsors so we can expand across the nation to interview web series makers all over the country.

L&W- That’s amazing.  And you teach a social media class as well, right?

SP- Yes, in August I started teaching a class in social media for actors.  It teaches them how to leverage social media for their careers.  It’s such an opportunity right now for actors to take advantage of, and I realized it’s something I can teach other people to do well.  And it keeps me learning as well.

L&W- Where can actors sign up for that class?

SP- It’s at the Actors Creative Workshop in Los Angeles.

L&W- Wonderful!

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