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Carly Frankel is a New York actor with natural producing skills and is passionate about entertainment!  (That’s her in her favorite Golden Girls T-shirt!)  Which is why her blog, iloveentertainmentblog.com is truly awesome.  She blogs about the shows she loves, which are the shows most of us love, and all things pertaining to them.  It’s one you need to check out if you like The Office, Scrubs, Glee and good stuff on Broadway.  It’s good stuff!!

Love and Water- Let’s talk about your blog!

Carly Frankel- It’s called iloveentertainmentblog.com.  It’s mainly entertainment news.  It’s just something I love to do, so I thought it might be fun and effective to put it into blog form.  I don’t watch every show, but I follow quite a bit.

L&W- Does it tie into your work as an actor?

CF- It does, although I keep my professional blog separate.  But iloveentertainmentblog.com lets me dive into what I love about my profession.  TV and new media and some Broadway are what I’m passionate about, so it’s inspiring to my work to write about what is going on in the field.  I go to shows, I watch TV and I listen to a lot of music.  And I like to know as much as I can- what pilots are shooting, who is producing, casting and directing them- and that’s useful information to people in my field.  And to me.  So that’s what I post, along with regular updates and fun facts I come across.

L&W- How has it helped you in your career?

CF- When I first started I wasn’t super active in my career and life, so I became super active with my blog.  But now the blog has motivated me to take more classes and put my work out there, so I’m not as glued to it, which I know is a really good thing.  That’s what I hoped would happen.

L&W- How many people read your blog?

CF- I don’t know exactly, but I do know at first it was just friends who were reading it and leaving comments, and I loved that my friends were so supportive.  Then one day I got a comment from a woman I didn’t know who had been following the blog.  And it was the best feeling!  Because here I am, writing about entertainment along with so many others, and someone was actually interested in my point of view.  Karen was interested in what I had to say about Glee!  So that made me feel really good.  It made me smile.

L&W- Are you looking forward to the Love and Water community?

CF- I think it’s a great idea to bring together a community of designers and artists and combine it with raising awareness for charities.  It’s a great outlet to go to and do good by just visiting it, let alone participating in it.  And I like how the blog is helping to build what will be a larger community.

L&W- I’m really excited that you’re a part of it, and I hope EVERYONE reads iloveentertainmentblog.com!

Visit iloveentertainment here: iloveentertainmentblog.com
Visit Carly Frankel’s professional blog here: carlyfrankelblog.com