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Lindsay Shack is a New York actor and voiceover star who also has a business with Usana health products.  When she invited me to a meeting to learn more about the products, I learned that Usana is endorsed by Dr. Christian Northrup, author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom, the sponsor of the WTA tour and endorsed by a number of athletes including Serena and Venus Williams.  So I had her talk more about the products and company so the Love and Water community can check them out too!

Love and Water- Talk about what Usana is and how you got involved.

Lindsay Shack- I’m an actor and am currently pursuing voiceover work.  I was little frustrated working day jobs, and I’ve always been interested in health and fitness so I wanted to pursue that in a certain way, and as I was looking for something Team Northrup just kind of fell into my lap.  I found information in an ad in a health magazine and looked into what it was.  It’s a health supplement company that sells high-quality products.  What also appealed to me was that Dr. Christian Northrup has been endorsing the company for years.  She takes them herself and recommends them to her patients, and her daughter, Kate Moller Northrup, leads the team that I was looking into.  So all of that combined gave me confidence in the company.

L&W- What sets the company apart from other health supplement companies?

LS- The founder of the company, Dr. Myron Wentz, really sets Usana apart because a lot of companies are started by marketers who don’t have a scientific background.  Dr. Wentz is a scientist who really wanted to spread good health to everybody way back in the ’70’s.  That creates an atmosphere within the company that produces high quality products that spreads to the customers.  He is always striving to help people achieve a better, healthier lifestyle.  I’ve always wanted to start my own business and I really believed in Usana.  So I started my business with them.  We’ve done presentations for performers over the past two months because it is such a good opportunity to have more income.  Kate Moller Northrup leads all the presentations, and they’re very laid back and fun.

L&W- I know, I went to two, including the spa night!  I’ve been to meetings before for network marketing companies where there is a heirarchy and a hard sell in place.  I didn’t feel that at all with Usana.

LS- Yeah, we don’t do that.  We have such a solid company behind us, and that’s what people resonate with.  It’s such a good, flexible idea, and the company is really solid.  It has a lot of athletes backing it up.

L&W- Who are some of the athletes?

LS- There’s Jennifer Azzi, who is a retired WNBA star, and Usana has become a sponsor of the WTA, World Tennis Association.  They actually sponsored the Sony Ericson tour and Serena and Venus Williams were the stars of that, so it’s kind of cool that they’re taking Usana too.

L&W- Talk about what makes the vitamins unique.

LS- They’re pharmaceutical grade.  So say you go to a pharmacy and you look at the ingredients on a bottle of vitamins.  They’re not regulated by the FDA, so they can put whatever they want in them and say otherwise on the label.  But if you purchase a vitamin that is pharmaceutical grade they have to out on the label exactly what is in the bottle.  So you can trust that what it says on the bottle is what you’re taking.  Usana’s tagline is “nutritionals you can trust.”  They say that because you know how they’re making their products and exactly what goes in them.

L&W- I’m taking them now, and I have to say that I notice a big difference than the ones I was getting from Whole Foods.  And I’m kind of a vitamin snob.

LS- (laughs) Yes, that’s great.  You really do notice a difference because of the quality.

L&W- Where can people find out about some informational meetings?

LS- Yes, they can go to www.lindsayshack.usana.com.  There is a calendar there with all the events coming up that anyone can attend.

L&W- I’m so happy you’re a part of my community too!

LS- I think Love and Water is a great way for artists to network.  It’s a platform to show work and interact with each other, as well as learning more about charities, so it’s a great concept all around.  I’m excited to be a part of it!

L&W- And you know artist Norn Cutson, who was just featured on the blog last week!  He did a protrait of you that is so great!

LS- Yes!  I saw some of his work and I wanted a portrait of myself for my voiceover website to make it stand out.  So Norn did this great one of me.  I’m really happy with it.

L&W- Is it ok if I feature it on the blog?

LS- Sure!

L&W- Thank you so much!

LS- Thank you for talking with me- I really appreciate it.

Visit Lindsay’s voiceover website here: voice123.com/lindsayshack
Visit her Usana event calendar here: www.lindsayshack.usana.com
Visit the Team Northrup site here: www.teamnorthrup.com