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SO many people liked Norn Cutson’s piece that we featured on Design Day #1, “May Mother Earth Be Blessed with Good Hair,” that we brought him back for more!  And this time we talked to him about his process in creating these amazing pieces of art that we like to refer to as gems of fabulousness.

Love and Water- How would you describe your work?

Norn Cutson- My art is all about putting more love out into the world.  Reminding people to take a moment to be kinder to others and to laugh.  I work in a cartoon style with real emotion behind it, and hopefully that resonates with people and they can feel that there is true intention going on in the art.

L&W- When did you start drawing?

NC- I’ve been drawing since I was a baby.  My mom is an artist and before I could even sit up she would hold my hand with a crayon and make circles, and she would guide my hand and fill pages full of circles.  And as I was able to hold the crayon more we were able to make to make little animals out of the circles.  So that’s how it began, and I’ve never stopped.

L&W- How did you come to the style you have now?

NC- I always start with a sketch.  I’m not trying to be “cartoony” for the sake of being cartoony; that’s just how I see things.  Everything looks cute and lovable to me and I want to communicate that to people.  I want them to see what I see when I look at the world.  Because to me everything is cute, lovable and sexy.  And I want everyone to be able to see that.  I start with a sketch; I sketch on paper with pencil; and I let everything brew and I keep coming back to it until I have it refined.  And then I scan it into the computer and I work on it on Illustrator.

L&W- Tell us about your new book, Record Collection Volume I !

NC- The impetus for the whole record collection series was based on my experience with the artist Lynda Barry; she’s a great artist and author and a fantastic person.  She teaches these classes called Writing to Remember, coming up with new ways to communicate through story.  And one thing she says is to work in a series, because that way one piece will lead into the next so you don’t ever have to worry about what comes next.  And the ideas flow better that way.  So I wanted to start a series and my first thought was to do something with the Hindu gods, because I wanted to do something spiritual.  But I don’t know enough about them, and I didn’t want to spend so much time researching.  So I decided to do a series on the one thing I love the most and have the most knowledge about: music.  So each piece in the Record Collection series is a tribute to musicians who have moved me and impacted me and my work over the years.  That was a spiritual experience for me to work on each one of them.

L&W- Where can we get it?

NC- On my site, nornsisland.com, or through Amazon.

L&W- And your Broadway series- was that the same sort of inspiration for you?

NC- I went to see my first Broadway play- Grey Gardens- and was so moved by it that I wanted to do a tribute to it.  And from there I was asked to join the staff of Broadwayworld.com.  I was on staff for three years, and I made pieces from so many plays.  It was a great experience and I’m so glad I got to do that.

L&W- I think your work is exactly what you have expressed: cute, loveable and sexy!

NC- Thank you very much.  Thank you for talking to me and showing my work.

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