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Sarah Strange is an amazingly talented blogger, actress, hostess extraordinaire, and singing sensation in Toronto, Canada, and is an enthusiastic member of the Love and Water community. Today we talked with Sarah about her blog, http://size8struggle.blogspot.com/ and touched on her blossoming new entertainment duo,
2 Divine!

Love and Water- Tell us a little about your blog, “Size 8 Struggle.”

Sarah Strange- I’ve had a weight struggle pretty much my entire life, and I finally got serious and joined Weight Watchers. It had been two years since I had been on Weight Watchers and I had lost a little bit of motivation. I initially lost just a little under 40 pounds, but then I got a job at a steakhouse and was eating their bread everyday and it was something like 1000 calories, or something crazy, and so I gained back around 18 pounds. I realized it was all about being accountable. So I started a blog as a way to re-motivate myself and become accountable.

L&W- So what do you write about on the blog?

SS- I write about my struggle with my day-to-day, what’s going on in my life, my singing and my career. I post little videos of myself- it’s just a little slice of Sarah!

L&W- And has it been helpful as far as providing accountability?

SS- It has been very helpful. Knowing that I have to get online and say, “yes, I gained back this many pounds…” is pretty motivating. It’s been hard at times- I had a bully for a little while who was sending some very nasty emails. But I guess that’s the risk you take when you put yourself out there. I didn’t take it to heart, because this is my struggle and no one else’s. And I know that I am going to reach my goal.

L&W- And the goal is to become a size 8, right?

SS- Yes, it’s roughly around 145 pounds. It’s about 26 more pounds, and that’s nothing. If it takes me a year, it takes me a year. You know?

L&W- I like that you put a size instead of a number of pounds. Was that deliberate?

SS- Yes, actually, because I’m comfortable at a size 8. I don’t want to be very lean because I don’t think that’s attractive on my frame because I’m not a small person in general. So I don’t look healthy when I’m thinner than a size 8. I still want to be curvy- I’m a grown woman in my 30’s and I want to look like a grown woman in my 30’s. And it’s easier for me to say “size 8” than actual pounds because that’s not what it’s about. The goal is not to reach a number, it is to feel comfortable with who I am and how I feel.

L&W- I love that. Because it’s what excites you.

SS- Yeah! Definitely.

L&W- How many people follow your blog?

SS- I have, I believe 19 followers, but many more people who read it. Like some of my regulars at the pub, if I don’t post something one day they’ll be like, “you didn’t post!” It’s neat to know that people are out there supporting my journey and supporting my life. It’s nice to know. A good feeling to have the backing and support from people who I wouldn’t have thought would be interested.

L&W- A different perspective of you.

SS- Yes, that’s right. They get a glimpse of who I am, in my soul.

L&W- Do you like T-shirts?

SS- I love them.

L&W- Will you send us your favorite one?

SS- I will!

L&W- What do you think about the concept for Love and Water that “every drop counts?”

SS- I think it’s a fabulous concept. I love that people who aren’t necessarily fine artists, like myself, can submit a design and have a chance to share our interests with other fabulous artists. And we get to learn from better artists as well. And then a portion of the profits from the shirts go to charity. Even better. It’s great all around.

L&W- And finally, what everyone really needs to know is that you are a FABULOUS singer!!

SS- Oh, why thank you!

L&W- I don’t toss that around lightly- it’s the truth. So where can people hear you sing right now, this very second?

SS- Well they can go to my website, http://www.2divine.ca/ and watch the videos of myself and Katie Beetham, the other half of 2 Divine.

L&W- And they can see your amazing 2 Divine show in action.

SS- Yes, indeed!

L&W- Love and Water loves that you are part of this community.

SS- Well, I love Love and Water.

Follow Sarah’s blog here: http://size8struggle.blogspot.com/

And follow 2 Divine here: http://www.2divine.ca/

Drop her a line to tell her how gorgeous and fabulous she is!!

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