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For our first Favorite T-Shirt Day we are featuring two very special T’s worn by two very special peeps: Breyten Cowan, 7 yrs, and Ada Menk-Brown, 1 yr, 5 months. Here is what their proud mom, Amelia Menk-Brown, has to say about these awesomely politically-aware (and super cute) children:

Here is Breyten and his friend, Jacob. Breyten is wearing his Obi-Wan Obama T-shirt. It shows Barack Obama in a Jedi’s cloak and with a lightsaber. Underneath the image it says “May the force of change be with you”. For Breyten there is little better than Star Wars. A lightsaber weilding president just about takes the cake for him.

This is my favorite T-shirt of Ada’s. It sports an iconic image of Ira Glass, host of my favorite show EVER, This American Life. I like the disjunction between the harsh colors (black and red) that seem to suggest perhaps the iconic, militaristic image of Che Guevarra and the actual image of Ira, who is a big NPR warm fuzzy. Most people don’t get who the image is, but those who do are immediately as captivated by it as we are. It was made by a friend of ours as a shower gift when I was pregnant with Ada.

Let us know what you think about these cute kiddies-in-T’s!!  And while you’re at it, send us a picture of yourself in your favorite T so we can get your face up on the Love and Water blog! Email pics to loveandwaterinternational@gmail.com