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Meet Sarah Finlay: artist, design student and genius 3d designer!  And she’s from Scotland!  Which of course explains her love of tea, the inspiration for her fantastic retro-looking design.  It makes me want to settle in with a nice cup of hot Earl Grey with milk and sugar.  And who doesn’t want to wear that on a shirt?  That’s her, by the way, in her fabulous self portrait wearing said Tee.  (pun intended 🙂

Here is what Sarah has to say about her design:

Basically the inspiration from this came from my cup of tea! I love tea and perhaps drink more than I should, but who doesn’t drink too much caffeine? The cup I actually made in 3d and I then added the lines and coloured strokes to give it a ‘retro’ style. I had the lines green to begin with (I like green) but then decided to change them to various shades of tea – strong, medium and milky. I like mine milky…

Let us know what you think!  And see more of Sarah’s amazing work at http://sarahfinlay.ego3d.com/