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Love and Water loves cool people who have cool blogs!  So we decided to interview some of them who also like our blog and want to become part of our community.  First up is Elizabeth Ammerman, fashion design student (who brings edgy, unique, simply amazing work to the world of fashion) and author of The Trashicist.

Love and Water- So your blog is called The Trashicist, but the URL is Obsessive Wardrobe Change Disorder.

Elizabeth- That was originally the name of the blog- I was looking up “faux diseases” online and that was one of them.  It’s what a doctor came up with for women who can’t decide on an outfit, which I think every woman has.  But I changed it to Trashicist because people always say I have really trashy style.  I kind of like that word and so I embrace it.

L&W- I like that word too.  And you’re in school?

Elizabeth- At Pratt.  I’m studying fashion design.  It’s really hard- it’s 18 credits a semester, so I’m in class all the time and one of my classes is six hours, so it’s a lot of time.

L&W- And you work?

Elizabeth- I work at Seven New York in SOHO on Saturday and Sunday.  So my only social hours are early in the mornings.

L&W-How did you decide to become a designer?

Elizabeth- When I was a kid I was a huge fan of the Spice Girls and would make things that I wanted them to wear.  I’ve always been into painting and drawing.  I used to wear crazy things in my hometown, but nobody experiments there, so I would get all sorts of looks.

L&W- Where are you from?

Elizabeth- Amarillo, Texas.  It’s really conservative.

L&W- What a welcomed change New York must be!

Elizabeth- It’s really great when people embrace your style, as opposed to actually pointing and laughing at me on the street.

L&W- Do you want to have your own clothing line?

Elizabeth- Eventually.  There are so many things that I like- I’d like to style and do costumes.  Conceptual art pieces that won’t necessarily be worn.  I’m interning for Christian Joy, the costume designer for Karen Oh.

L&W- Have you met Karen?

Elizabeth- Yeah.

L&W- Cool!  I hope you submit some of your designs to Love and Water when the website launches.

Elizabeth- Yeah, I think it’s a great concept to raise money for charities and to get designers’ designs out there.  I think it’s beneficial for everybody.  I’ll definitely submit.

L&W- Where does your slashing come from in your clothing design?

Elizabeth- I don’t like things that are finished, and I like the idea of chaos.  Sometimes I have so many ideas and I don’t know where to start.  It was sort of my look this summer; I didn’t have a lot of money so I came up with this concept of negative space.  So positive and negative space is where that idea came from.

L&W- When do you post on your blog?

Elizabeth- I usually wait until I have something I really want to put out there.  I’m kind of turned off by the whole “fashion blog” scene in terms of just reposting information anyone can get elsewhere.  So that’s why I wait until I have something I want to share or that is a source of inspiration for me.

L&W- Oh yeah- I wanted to ask you about your Kirkwoods!

Elizabeth- I just got them, they’re from Seven, and I love them.  But no one has bought a pair yet.

L&W- Maybe you will inspire people to buy them.

Elizabeth- Maybe…

Visit Elizabeth’s blog at http://obsessivewardrobechangedisorder.blogspot.com/