I went to this great vegetarian restaurant in my neighborhood for lunch called Gobo.  It’s a gorgeous, simple place with options for lots of small plates and fun smoothies.  I sat in a cushioned seat and got my planning materials out to plan my week. I went to the bathroom to wash my hands and there was a huge stack of paper towels on a little table against the wall.  One of the few in NYC that doesn’t leave you forced to use toilet paper or your jeans to dry.  Next to it was a small sign in a sweet font that said, “Your small choice can make a big difference.  Choose the dryer instead of a paper towel and help us conserve wisely.”

I used the dryer, which was a nice automatic one that worked fast, and I was reminded how true it is that when we make a small decision to make a small difference we add to the large pool that ends up making a big difference.

Every drop counts.