I am in a play in the East Village of Manhattan, on 4th St. between 2nd Ave. and the Bowery, and arrived early the other night before the theater opened.  It was a cool Manhattan evening, and the first time I settled down all day.  It hit me how hungry I was, so I decided to get something to eat pronto.  I grabbed my favorite quick meal from the health food store down the block, but since there was no place to sit I ducked into the hot neighborhood coffee spot, the glorious hole-in-the-wall, not-so-friendly-on-purpose Cuppa Cuppa.  My heart was leaping at the chance to have my usual China Tips Green tea, large, please.  I settled into the window seat.  It was, like, the best tea ever on that cool Manhattan night.  And nothing could have replaced the soothing feeling it gave me as the hot ran down my throat and made me feel lit from within.  Inspiration, for $2.50.

It was no different than the feeling of utter joy I felt when I raised $515 for RAINN in December.  Or when I was able to give $200 to a friend to support his thesis film for NYU film school.  Or when I bought my wedding dress at the Bridal Garden and all of the profit went to the New York educational fund.  These purchases, like the tea, were heart-guided; the amount of money wasn’t the issue.

What makes you feel lit from within?