Love and Water is excited to be talking to charities.  We love hearing about their overall mission plans and then their short term goals that are leading them toward reaching the bigger picture.  We find that the short term goals are the ones that seem most exciting to each charity.  The reason for this, we believe, is that since we are talking to charities that are honorable with their internal structures (they spend their donations on the cause, not in self-promotion), they have clear, measurable goals mapped out that lead them to fulfilling the bigger goals in a very realistic and attainable way.  They are also the ones who know that a lot of a little adds up to a lot very fast.
Do you have a charity you love or want to know more about?  Let us know so we can talk to them too.  Are you a charity that wants to be part of our conversation?  Let us know so we can talk to you! 

Stay tuned this Thursday for our interview with Debbe Magnuson, founder and CEO of Project Cuddle.