Love and Water is interested in design.  We love art, and want to showcase as many artists’ designs as we can.  So when our online community launches in early 2010, we will be waiting with bated breath for the plethora of design submissions to come pouring in from artists around the world.  A good way to be one of the first to create a profile is to follow this blog so you know exactly when the site goes live.  Then you’ll be ready for blast off.  The community votes on weekly design submissions, and the weekly winner gets their design printed on a shirt and wins a cash prize.
Your designs don’t have to represent a specific charity; we just simply donate up to 50% of the winning t-shirt’s profits to the charity of your choice.  You choose that charity when you purchase your shirt.  How cool is that?

In addition to the t-shirt design contests, Love and Water wants to hold other contests to raise awareness for charities.  One contest we intend to have is our “Cup-O-Joe” Challenge.  Those participating will be challenged to donate $5.00 a week- that’s the cost one cup-o-joe a week- for a set amount of time, and to challenge their friends to do the same.  The person whose group donates the most at the end wins a prize for their entire group.

Have a cool idea for another contest?  Let us know…