Welcome to Love and Water International: the official blog for the upcoming company dedicated to creative, accessible philanthropy. We started this blog as a result of our desire to create an online community where community members raise money for charities around the world through ongoing t-shirt design contests. Sounds like a huge undertaking, we know. But we have a plan in mind that if carried out we know cannot fail. That plan is simple: a lot of a little adds up to a whole lot very fast. We know that it only takes a fraction of what we already spend everyday to make a huge difference to charities. So if there is a product we’re going to purchase anyway, why not give half of that profit to charity and track how far we can go with it?

That is what Love and Water International will do. Structured as an online community with the focus of raising money and awareness for charities, anyone can join and create a profile. Every week there will be a t-shirt design contest that designers around the world can enter. Community members will vote on the entries throughout the week, and by the following week the design with the most votes will be declared the winner. The designer will win a cash prize and the design will be printed on a limited number of t-shirts that anyone can purchase. Each time you purchase a shirt you will decide which charity you want to donate to. Up to half of the profits we make from your purchase will go to that charity.

If you’re not sure what charity you want to donate to, you will be able to choose one that speaks to you in the featured charity section. In this section there will be links to hundreds of charities, as well as profiles of charities that are members of the Love and Water community.

In addition, there will be a featured charity-of-the-month competition, in which we will accept designs inspired by that particular charity. The community will vote, and we will take the top four designs and allow the charity to choose the winner. Again, the designer will receive a cash prize and t-shirts will be printed for a limited time. Half of all profits from those designs will go to that featured charity.

We will also have challenges and competitions created by community members. These will create amazing incentives and opportunities for community members to raise money and awareness for charities of their choice by encouraging their friends and families to participate in creative challenges.

So please join us now by following our blog, and earn prizes and points for being among the first to create a profile on our up and coming online community.

Stay tuned for some exciting previews of the charities we will be featuring, and please post your comments and questions as we share with you the steps we take toward building our Love and Water International community…

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